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Boss ME-25 Guitar Multiple Effects

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I had been investigating guitar effects, and realised that I had been missing out on so much over the years. The one I particularly wanted was a delay effect - the magic ingredient in the guitar sound on most of the records I listen to. At first I had the intention of adding more individual pedals to the effects pedals I already had, and creating a custom effects board. The other alternative was a ready-made multi-effects unit. I went out on June 28th 2011 intent on coming back with at least a delay pedal, and came back from Holiday Music in Rochford with the Telecaster and the ME-25.

This unit has all the effects I will ever need - I only wish I had owned something like this ten years ago, but for some reason it rarely occurred to me to spend money on decent musical equipment despite having a well-paid job . Aside from the effects it also has rudimentary looping capabilities, which has provided me with many hours of fun and discovery and is now leading to new ways of writing songs - see Hypnogroove. I have come up with some of my own patches, one of which drives the main riff in Fly.

The Boss is now set up permanently in my "music corner" and used with all my guitars - preset effect no. 5 brings out the full beauty of the classical guitar. The ME-25 isn't the ideal unit for live use, given that you can only select patches by paging up/down through them sequentially with the pedals - you cannot simply assign a particular patch to each pedal. However, it's perfectly adequate for my needs and has given me the direction I need to push on with my music.