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M-Audio AV40 Speakers

PA / Amplification

These were bought in November 2012 to replace the Marlin amplifier in my studio setup. The Marlin had a poor sound, especially when playing the keyboard through it, and produced mostly feedback. Plus it was mono, so was wasting the stereo output from the Behringer mixer.

A pair of powered monitor speakers is what I wanted, so after doing some research I settled on the M-Audio AV-40s. For the first couple of weeks I owned them I wasn't sure where to put them - they were sitting on the floor, which hardly brought out the best sound in them. After considering the options of mounting them on the wall, or making my own speaker stands, I eventually settled on a pair of Stagg SMOS-10 stands. A repositioning of the guitar rack and slight movement of the keyboard opened up the space for the sizable bases of the stands, and in their current position they look and sound great.

I don't intend to use these in the recording process, other than perhaps capturing a live sound via a camera. They are for rehearsing and performing, and they allow me to do that without having to wear headphones all the time.

The new setup of the music room, with the speakers mounted on the Stagg stands.