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I'd been debating whether to buy a new electric guitar for some time, and I was also keen to get some decent effects. I killed two birds with one stone on a shopping trip in June 2011, coming back with the Boss ME-25 and the Telecaster.

Why the Telecaster and not the Stratocaster? I felt the Strat was a bit of a cliche - a shape copied so many times that it's lost its distinctiveness. Plus there is also the practical issue that with three pickups and a five-position selector switch, that is just too much choice for me! The Tele offers a simpler choice of two pickups and a three-way switch. I think it just has the edge on coolness - I'm guaranteed to see at least one being played at every gig I attend these days.

The model I selected is Mexican-built in Candy Apple Red. I'm not keen on this variant of bridge design, but it still looks great and feels fabulous to play. The fretboard is so smooth and ergonomic that you could sit there for hours playing solos. I've nothing against the Westone, which served me well for over 20 years and still sounds impressive, but strap on a Tele and you feel like a million dollars.