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Nowhere To Hide

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Originals (April 2012)

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Version: 2
Recorded: 1st-18th October 2012
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Multi-track
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Version: 1
Recorded: 19th May 2012
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Live, accompanied
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This one was originally an instrumental, which I came up while trying (and failing) to play something like David Bailey from The Title Sequence (see Influences) might play. The picking pattern is still a bit of a step forward for me on the guitar, though, using the thumb to play three strings.

I recorded an live instrumental-only version on the same day it was written, which had a few mistakes in it but wasn't a bad performance. I felt the song merited lyrics, although not having completed a lyric for well over a decade this was quite difficult. I'm reasonably happy with what emerged onto the page.

I used this song for my first experiments with MIDI, creating a simple backing track of drums and bass to be played by the PSR-500 keyboard, while I play along on the guitar and sing to create an accompanied live performance of sorts. I had several attempts at this performance, the one presented here is the best I managed. The multi-tracked version, utilising bags of reverb and epicness was completed during September/October 2012.

Don't chase the sun
You're only running out of time
You're only following a sign
Don't look for angels in the snow
Don't take a suitcase when you go
Don't leave your bridges burned behind
Only to find...
That there is nowhere
There is nowhere left to hide

We never change
There isn't any other way
But maybe on another day
Beyond a brightly-coloured door
Is all that we've been waiting for
So open up and step inside
Only to find...
That there is nowhere
There is nowhere left to hide

Tell me now
What do you think?
Will we swim or will we sink?
Or will we land along the shore?
Does it matter anymore?

It's everywhere
It's in the air and on the ground
In every sight and every sound
It's in the highs and in the lows
It's always underneath your nose
No point in searching far and wide
Only to find...
That there is nowhere
There is nowhere left to hide
Nowhere left to hide