Bang The Drum

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Instrumentals (February 2011)

  • Version 1
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Version: 1
Recorded: 12th-22nd February 2012
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Multi-track
Recording notes:
DD-11 drums recorded in stereo for the first time ever!
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One of the guitar instrumentals I came up with during a fertile period in 2011. I really ought to be playing it using an alternating thumb pattern but still find it easier to use the thumb and three fingers for a pattern like this. As I was developing it, I imagined a big bass drum being hit towards the end of the verse - hence the title.

After trying and failing to record a live solo version numerous times, I finally got around to recording a multi-tracked version early in 2012. I'm pleased that I managed to get the arrangement almost exactly as I'd formulated it in my head - including the five-note guitar twiddle during the chorus which took about 50 takes to get right! The drum track during the second verse is one of the preset rhythms ("Bluegrass") on the Yamaha keyboard, but the drums in the chorus are being played by hand. I still think this needs a remix to bring out the guitar a bit more in the chorus.

The Purdue Big Bass Drum, often called the World's Largest Drum.