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Kathy's Song

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Covers (Paul Simon)

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Version: 1
Recorded: 5th May 2012
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Live, accompanied
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There are a lot of Paul Simon songs in my "repertoire", and I've been playing Kathy's Song since the 80s - it's another one that I picked up by listening to the record and trying to reproduce it. The version I studied is the one on the "Sounds Of Silence" album. Fingerpicking is something I never really learned on the guitar - it was more as if I woke up one day and could suddenly do it! Strangely, though, Kathy's Song is the only song where I use the alternating bass style of fickerpicking - on all other songs I use the thumb to play one bass note and three fingers to pick out the rest of the pattern. It just seems more natural for me to play that way.

This version is far from perfect - it was essentially a warm-up for an acoustic session, but it's still probably the best version I've ever captured. I'm making heavy use of the echo effect of the Behringer mixer on my voice.