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Shades Of Epic Blue

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Patchwork (August 2011)

  • Version 1
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Version: 1
Recorded: 24th August 2011
Audio Capture: Camera
Performance: Live, looping
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A bit of guitar solo improvisation over a loop. The basis of the loop was a line from a recently-written instrumental called "Epic Blue" - which is in danger of ending up on the "Lost Songs" page. It's a full song, but I've never yet been able to play it properly and a half-hearted attempt to record it in Cubase didn't go anywhere. Anyway, I just took the guitar line from the verse, looped it, overlaid a bass line and then sat and improvised over it for ages. This two-minute excerpt is as good as it got.

Recorded using the Microsoft webcam on the Vista PC - which unfortunately is rubbish for recording audio as the end result is full of glitches, some of which can be heard towards the end of this clip. This is why I now record the audio output from a session like this separately via the PC's sound card.