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Shadow Story

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Originals (June 2012)

  • Version 2
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Version: 2
Recorded: 4th-30th November 2012
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Multi-track
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Version: 1
Recorded: 5th June 2012
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Live, looping
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Like Hypnogroove a week earlier, this just sprung out of idly playing a riff on the guitar, then deciding to loop it. Before long I had added the two other guitar parts to the loop, then switched to the keyboard where I started improvising a part, and then singing along using the first words that came into my head. It sounded great, but I wasn't recording at this point, so I set up to record a second attempt. The words I came up with weren't as good as those on the first go, and I didn't quite hit the right key for the first dramatic piano note, but otherwise it sounds OK. There is a problem with the clip in that the audio and video get increasingly out of sync as it plays - another strike against the Microsoft webcam.

I later wrote proper lyrics for the piece and titled it "Shadow Story", and a few months later I got around to recording a full multi-tracked version. I'm rather impressed with my production and mixing in the final section, not to mention my drumming! There is some backwards guitar in there, and a keyboard part created by a MIDI track consisting of a series of 1/64 notes.

Fields of gold and green
Melting inbetween
Figure turns to run
Hiding from the sun

In the afternoon
Darkness comes too soon
Figure out of sight
Looking for the light
Shadow grows
Covers those who stay

Clouds of grey and gold
Turn the heat to cold
Figure far from here
Sees the sky grow clear
Shadow fades
Neon shades the way

I think this picture was meant to be of a sunset from a train, but could be interpreted as anything!