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October Trains

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Originals (October 2012)

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Version: 3
Recorded: 3rd-7th April 2013
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Multi-track
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Version: 2
Recorded: 28th October 2012
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Live, looping
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Version: 1
Recorded: 25th October 2012
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Live, looping
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Another one that came out of idly playing around with looping a little riff that I was using to test the sounds of the Boss ME-25. I developed the idea on a Saturday, and recorded a test version with improvised lyrics. It was tempting to publish this version, but it wasn't really good enough.

Anyway, a couple of days later it was the third anniversary of The Comsat Angels' "Last Weekend" tour - when a group of friends from all over the world converged, and shared an epic train journey from Glasgow to London via Manchester. This served as the inspiration for a lyric, and I wrote it relatively quickly. A couple of days later I was ready to record. I considered recording in multi-track, but felt that a semi-improvised live performance was the way to go here.

I got one full version down after about an hour, which sounded good enough, but I had another go. The second version required some editing due to a mishap with the lead falling out of the Telecaster, but on balance I felt it was slightly the better of the two. Neither sounded quite as good as the test version from Saturday, and I couldn't work out why until later I found I had the volume knob on the guitar turned down halfway!

I had another go three days later, this time with the video camera running, and produced a much better version, notwithstanding the slight keyboard mistake at 7:46.

A few months later I recorded a proper multitracked version for inclusion on my new album. I was dubious that I could match the heights of version 2, but in the end I think I successfully managed to retain the feel of the original, while adding a bit of polish. This one is now the "definitive" version, although I still feel the video version stands up very well - probably as close to a perfect "live" performance as I will ever get.

On wings of steel we glide
Drawn towards the sound
Over land and sea
We never touch the ground
So this is how it feels to dream
No need to feel afraid
Fate can never spoil the plans we've laid

As the miles fall
Anticipation grows
The iron horse we ride
Is steady as she goes
So this is where the journey ends
No need to look away
So much more to see, another day

Keep me in your mind
Don't let the memory fade
The years can never close
Connections that were made
So this is where we are today
No need to think too much
All we need to do is keep in touch