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Ha'penny Breeze E.P. Live

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Patchwork (2011)

  • Version 1
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Version: 1
Recorded: 19th December 2012
Audio Capture: Camera
Performance: Live, accompanied
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I hadn't planned to record a chilled-out, live solo version of the "Ha'penny Breeze" E.P., but it just happened as I was pottering about playing Upstream and thinking it was sounding quite good. After a couple of runs through, I got the camera out and started filming. I recorded two takes of each of the other songs, in each case the second take was the best. None of the performances is perfect, but they're probably as good as I'm going to get. I was particularly pleased to get the solo in Dove just about right. The sound capture isn't that great, as this time I didn't send the mixer output to the PC to record - it's all through the camera. It's the first time I've recorded from the AV40 speakers, though. The missing piece here of course is Fly, for which there was never a solo acoustic version, Perhaps I should try to work one out.