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Don't Ask Why

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Originals (March 2013)

  • Version 1
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Version: 1
Recorded: 17th-29th March 2013
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Multi-track
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The second track for my proposed 2013 "all-electric album". I had written the germ of a new song (which I still hope to complete), went to play it on the Telecaster through the effects box, and ended up writing a completely different song! I think this one borrows a little from both 20th Century Rambler and Surfin' Raga, but I don't plan to use those again anyway.

A lot of guitar tracks were recorded for this one - the Cubase project ended up with over 40 tracks including the MIDI drum tracks. All the percussion sounds came from the DD-11 except the 16-beat hi-hat pattern in the verse, which was downloaded from here: I couldn't get the sound I wanted from the DD-11 and was lucky to find exactly what I wanted at exactly the right tempo. I tried playing the drums myself, but couldn't get the precise pattern I wanted. Playing along did give me some ideas for drum patterns, though, and I was able to program the whole drum track in MIDI.

I think this is the best mix I've ever done, especially the bass, except that the snare drum seems to disappear during the guitar solo section. I'll try to fix that later, but for now I'm very happy with how this one turned out.

We take our leave and walk away though there is no place to go
Move in shadows under skies darker than we know
And in our minds we understand what the future has in store
Still we turn our eyes towards the hope we're looking for

Every lonely road reveals a symphony of light
Feeling every movement as I turn this wheel tonight
Over the horizon there is only doubt and fear
But still I keep on driving and the destination's near

After all is said and done we live we die
Don't ask why
After all is said and done there's no goodbye
Don't ask why

Now the questions fade away leaving not a trace
Somewhere in the distance is a shining state of grace
But no-one needs to look too hard to see inside the shell
It's nothing unfamiliar and we know it all too well