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Soft Landing

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Originals (April 2013)

  • Version 1
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Version: 1
Recorded: 12th-17th April 2013
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Multi-track
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Hypnogroove (see the Patchwork section) had been lying around gathering dust since June 2012, until it struck me that if I could make it into a song of sorts, it would be ideal for the all-electric album I was recording. After trying to sing over the basic track for a while, eventually I came up with a vocal melody. I had already slated "Soft Landing" as the title of the album, and after thinking up the line "A soft landing is hard to find", I knew I had my title track. (It wasn't until some weeks later that I actually realised that it's quite a clever line!) The rest of the lyric followed from there.

This was relatively quick to record, given that it's built around loops. For each loop I played as long as I could before making a mistake, and then replicated the good bit. Each loop is thus a different length, so it may be the case that no two bars are exactly the same. I wasn't intending to use any keyboards on this album, but the keyboard loop is an integral part of this song, so kept its place.

This has been through quite a bit of mixing and mastering and still doesn't sound quite right to me - either too tinny or too boxy. It's likely to go through more changes, even to the possible extent of re-recording the guitar parts if I can't get the sound I want from the existing parts. The vocal parts will definately stay though - I'm very happy with those.

One hundred thousand miles
Into a sky of endless blue

I see the clouds below
But they will never spoil my view

Descending vapour trails
The ones that fell before they flew

Gravity might let you go
But it's always there to let you know
It's time to clear your mind
A soft landing is hard to find

Two hundred days on board
Wish I knew how to steer this thing

But I'm not in control
I call but no-one's answering

I'm staring at the ground
The sunlight shines upon the wing

Gravity is on your side
But it always comes along for the ride
So watch the seatbelt sign
A soft landing is hard to find