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These Days

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Originals (May 2013)

  • Version 1
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Version: 1
Recorded: 12th-17th May 2013
Audio Capture: PC Capture
Performance: Multi-track
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Having exhausted the supply of "old" material that I was prepared to use for the new album, I had to write a new song, and I did that on the 28th April. This simply came about from playing around with various effects settings and strumming chords until I got something that I liked. Once I had the chord sequence and the rhythm I started singing some improvised lyrics along to it and came up with the initial lead guitar melody, and at the end of the afternoon had a very rough "live" demo recorded.

I came back to it a couple of weeks later and wrote some proper lyrics for it. The one part that remained from the original demo was the chorus. I enforced on myself a rule of not using any personal pronouns on this one! Recording went surprisingly quickly. The rhythm guitars went down easily, although the sound is actually a combination of two parts, neither of which works on their own! Lead guitars and vocals came next, and a three-hour session on the following night resulted in a bassline that I was very happy with.

Having completed the bassline I did a rough mixdown. Listening back to that mixdown the next morning I realised that it was just about perfect as it was! I programmed a proper drum track, sticking as closely as possible to the rhythm track I had used while recording, and left everything else as it was. The end result sounds absolutely ideal to me, the best-sounding piece I have ever recorded. I suppose it is a result of taking the proper care with levels and such when recording the parts, but it just reinforces a suspicion I had been forming that the best mix of a song is the first one you come up with!

Now perhaps I need to revisit the earlier songs I've recorded for this album, remove as much of the processing as possible from the mixes and see if I can get the same natural sound as this one.

Wake at the same crack of morning
and gaze at the dawn of another day
Under the blink of an eye watch the hours go by
and the feeling drifts away

Isn't anything worth it these days?
Isn't anything worth it these days?
These days

Pacing the streets and the markets in search of a spark
It's at reach but never there
Running to hide from the rain feel that moment again
as it falls from everywhere

Isn't anything worth it these days?
Isn't anything worth it these days?

But underneath the ground
There's always something waiting to be found
And even though the golden ages fade
Is it all as bad as it's portrayed these days?

Isn't anything worth it these days?
Isn't anything worth it these days?
These days